Graydon Gallery Arts Workers Exhibition: 'Growth, Renewal and Replenishment'

I am planning an arts workers visual arts exhibition!

Over the past few years it has come to my attention that many arts workers (facilitators/ mentors/ teachers/ administrators/ coordinators/ art therapists) I meet are practicing visual artists in their own right. I have also noticed that many such arts workers find they don't give as much time and nurturance to their own creative practice as they would like (myself included).

With this in mind I am coordinating a group exhibition to be held at Graydon Gallery in November 2014, featuring 10 of Brisbane's arts workers. The exhibition title is 'Growth, Renewal and Replenishment'.

The purpose of the exhibition is to encourage myself and my peers to take our art off the back shelf, and fully engage with and showcase our own creative practices.

As I began reflecting on the theme of the exhibition, I created the visual collage seen above. These are images that have been in my collection for years, and never fail to renew and replenish me.

What renews and replenishes you?

#whatreplenishesyou #visualcollage #inspiration #graydongallery #artsworkersexhibition

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 Rachel Gaffney-Dawson