Recording 'The Child' at Gasworks Studio

On February the 6th I spent four hours in QUT's Gasworks Studio, recording 'The Child' with engineer Tristan Hoogland. My first time in a professional recording studio! A whole new world featuring multiple microphones, double doors, grand piano a pop stopper and an engineering room filled with endless knobs and buttons.... A whole new experience of performing, attempting to get it 'right' within a time frame, attempting to play without making ANY additional sound (the sensitivity of those microphones!). Attempting to sing with soul, truth and authenticity under pressure. Somewhat of a challenge, another 'feel the fear and do it anyway' experience under my belt, and a sense that it will all be much easier next time.

After a long process of having the song mastered and sent to me, and creating a slideshow video clip of my digital artworks to accompany the song, it is finally on itunes and youtube if you search for Rachel Cash. Hope you enjoy watching and listening :-)

#recording #gasworksstudio

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 Rachel Gaffney-Dawson