Reflections on integration between self and landscape...

Glacier Bay

The water is still, blanketed by a thin layer of transparent ice. Small chunks of white protrude from the motionless surface like strings of Christmas beads. Clouds hover overhead and mist moves silently between the snow-capped mountains. A lone arctic seagull floats effortlessly above the aqua glacier. The air is crisp, clean, fresh and cold. A secluded pocket of the world, accessible only via air and water. So quiet. A profound sense of stillness and inspiration enters me.

Recently I have begun experimenting with digital art. I am interested in evoking a feeling of integration, blending and union between my physical form and natural landscapes. For me, looking out over beauty in nature expands my perspective. Suddenly the small world of personal troubles seems insignificant and I remember that I am part of a much larger picture; part of a wondrous and mysterious universe. Last year when travelling the Alaskan coastline I had an experience of this kind. The photograph above was taken in 'Glacier Bay', with 'Margerie Glacier' in the background.

Recent Inspirations:

Bjork: Moon

Kate Miller-Heidke: Devil Wears a Suit

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 Rachel Gaffney-Dawson